Author: Esta Farrell

Trailblazing Together: The Comprehensive Benefits of Pack Hikes for Dogs and Their Owners

Pack hikes, the group adventures in nature with a troop of dogs, are not just a fun outing but a significant activity that brings a multitude of benefits for both dogs and their owners. This communal activity, rooted in the primal instinct of dogs to move in packs, has seen a surge in popularity among…

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Unleashing Potential: The Transformative Journey of the 6 Week Private Session Program for Dogs and Owners

The "6 Week Private Session Program" offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to dog training and behavior modification, tailored to meet the unique needs of each dog and their owner. This program stands out due to its blend of private sessions, virtual classroom access, community pack walks, and continuous coaching support, providing a holistic solution…

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Transforming Canine Lives: The Wild Camp Board & Train Program Experience

For dog owners grappling with severe behavioral challenges in their furry companions, finding a solution that is both effective and compassionate can be daunting. The Wild Camp Board & Train program offers an innovative approach to addressing these challenges. Designed for dogs dealing with issues like reactivity, resource guarding, fear, and anxiety, this 3-week intensive program provides…

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